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Bentu Continuous Paper, 11 4/5" x 11", 10 lbs., White-Red-Yellow, 1000 Sheets/Carton

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1. The paper is smooth and flat, without paper jams.
2. Accurate hole spacing ensures smooth printing.
3. Enhanced dashed line cutting, no edge running.
4. High-definition printing with clear text.
5. Long-lasting and fade-resistant, vibrant colors.
6. Supports customization of various specifications.

This computer paper offers a smooth and flat surface, ensuring there are no paper jams when used with your dot matrix printer. The accurate hole spacing guarantees a seamless printing experience. Additionally, it features enhanced dashed line cutting, preventing any edge running issues. With its high-definition printing capabilities, the paper produces clear and sharp text.

Furthermore, this paper is long-lasting and fade-resistant, allowing your documents to maintain vibrant colors over time. It is specifically designed to support customization, accommodating various specifications for your office needs.

Ideal for high-demand offices, this computer paper is perfect for dot matrix printers. Its ultra-perforated design ensures a fast and smooth tear for each sheet, providing optimal efficiency. The triple-part construction and smooth running of the paper allow for rapid printing, while the micro-perforations enable clean and quick tearing, keeping your data organized.

When it comes to graphic quality, this blank white paper delivers excellent contrast, resulting in clean, bold, and smudge-free images. It is ideal for creating eye-catching and professional client documents, advertisements, and invoices. With a 20-pound paper weight and a 100 brightness rating, it guarantees vibrant printouts that withstand repeated handling.

With 1,000 sheets per box, this computer paper offers ample quantity, minimizing the need for frequent refills of your dot matrix printer. It ensures that you can easily keep a stock of paper in your office, eliminating the risk of running out in the middle of important projects.

In addition to its impressive features, this computer paper also incorporates different layers of color, making it easy to distinguish reception units. The multi-layered design allows for clear differentiation between sections or departments, enhancing organization and efficiency in your office. Whether you need to separate invoices, reports, or other documents, the distinct colors of the paper make it simple to identify and locate the desired information. This feature further streamlines your workflow and helps maintain a well-organized system for processing and handling various documents.

Bentu Continuous Paper, 11 4/5" x 11", 10 lbs., White-Red-Yellow, 1000 Sheets/Carton
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